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Netlayout - Physics Driven Topology Visualization

Netlayout - Physics Driven Topology Visualization

Netlayout uses a physics models of electrostatic repulsion and spring attraction to find a locally optimal layout for large network topologies. It is possible to animate the optimization process and change relevant parameters for the physics model.

Future versions are going to support import and export of network topologies and improved graphing capabilities as well as manual layout direction.



  • Quick visualization of large network topologies.
  • Configurable physics model.


 Simple topology visualization.
 Visualization of topology generated with inet-3.0.


Netlayout is distributed under the GPL and can be downloaded from the address below: In order to compile it, you might have to run to regenerate configuration files. Use tree.h if your system does not have it.


  • H3Viewer - HypViewer provides a sophisticated API for layout and interactive nagivation of network topologies in 3D hyperbolic space.



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