Information Attrition

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at.tri.tion \*-'trish-*n\ \-'trish-n*l, -'trish-*n-*l\ n [L attrition-, 
   attritio, fr. attritus, pp. of atterere] [ME attricioun, fr. (assumed) ML 
   attrition-, attritio, fr. L]to rub against, fr. ad- + terere to rub - more 
   at THROW 1: sorrow for one's sins that arises from a motive other than that 
   of the love of God 2: the act of rubbing together : FRICTION; also : the 
   act of wearing or grinding down by friction 3: the act of weakening or 
   exhausting by constant harassment or abuse - aj
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A Fourier Transformation provided the insight normally only available to those blessed by the enlightment psychoactive substances grant.

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